Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm Back!!

Well, promised my friend Ryan that April will be a more posted month.

Just got back from Spring Break with the kids... Spent time in Texas on the coast... Very cool.

OK. So after discussions with Phil decided on giving some Ring games a try. I believe that you can Average more per hour multitabling them and Money is Goot.

Also, I've only had one losing session playing live cash games so who knows gonna give it a go.

Of course, one of the first sessions I tilted off $500 to a donk that was catching everything. Need to learn to breathe :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Do I suck?

I friend of mine has been giving me a hard time (not mean in any way). Saying "Man, You used to kill the 55's... What the Fuck is wrong with you?"

Really got me thinking for months. What is so different?

When I was working my way up before, I didn't keep a lot of notes on players. But I would make a note of the number of times I had played that person.
For Example, I'd enter a "1" then if I played them again I'd enter a "2"... I know Rocket Science :)

I'd also note if they were at more than 1 table.

I'd play all day (20 - 60 tables), and I MIGHT see the same person 2-3 times and I MIGHT find 2-3 people that multi tabled in a DAY.

At a 10 person table at the most there would be 2 people (Not counting myself) that had some idea of what they were doing.

How it is Today:

In every set I play there is 2-3 people Multi tabling almost the same set!

At a 10 person table at LEAST 5 (well maybe 4) have some idea of what they are doing.

I believe the general pool of players is improving. So my ROI has dropped because my skill level hasn't really improved but everyone else's has.

And I must admit, I'm not as dedicated to review consistently like I used to be. Used to review EVERY game at the end of a set and run EVERY one through SNGPT.

So there Ryan, is why I think I suck :)

I was a Shark in the kiddy Pool, now I'm a Pike in the deep end......

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Difference

Figured out the difference between 11's and 22's

At the 11's they suckout on ya and have no idea.

The 22's ... they still suck out on ya but they apologize for it :)

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Well running pretty well .
Giving moving up another go... last time I got spanked :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Well... Long time no post :)
And yes I've been catching grief from my 1 faithful reader!!
Up and down. Tried the speeds for a bit but while at first they were nice, ended up being painful.
I 4 table so when I'm up $220 I've been adding one $22 to the mix. I'm being very catious!
I may be in Vegas this weekend. Hope to get $1000 togther to play some 2/5 NL at the Wynn.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

On breaking even


Been spending a lot of time staying even... in many ways I'd rather be going broke :)

Grind continues...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

voice command sucks

I had to give up on the voice command.... Too much noise around my house :)
Sucks, I was having a blast with it.

I think I've gotten my problems all worked out.
I started a few years ago at the 10's and worked my way up to the 55's. When I first hit the 55's, I was winning but wanted to increase my ROI so I purchased SNGPT and found a ton of pushes that I had been missing. So I tweaked and added tables and started making bank.... pulling money out for this and that and grinding.

The wife wanted to make a big purchase, so I pulled my roll down to the 10 level, thinking that I had worked my way up from them before and I could do it again.

Suddenly, I was a LOSING player!!!! This was devastating, I'd review HH's and review using SNGPT and it looked like I was doing everything right!!! I couldn't believe it!

Then I really started thinking about calling ranges for the 10's, and I really started watching what people where calling my pushes with. Then started comparing the ranges that were entered into SNGPT and much to my surprise... I had to redo the Maniac setting for SNGPT to accommodate the WIDE range of things people at the 10's would call you with. (i.e. ANY face, ANY Ace, T9o, etc., etc.)

The last few days, reviewing hands and tightening up on my push requirements has made a HUGE difference... Hopefully this will continue.